Child Abuse Allegations

If a child is allegedly abused, mistreated or neglected, a parent/spouse can file a family offense petition on the child’s behalf against the offending parent/spouse.  Likewise, there are occasions when the Department of Social Services (DSS)/Child Protective Services (CPS) becomes involved and investigates allegations of child abuse, mistreatment or neglect.  An indicated finding by CPS can negatively impact your ability to retain/obtain certain employment and/or to become a foster parent.  An indicated finding by CPS can be challenged – but do NOT wait.  You need to act fast.  The challenge must occur in a timely fashion.


Conduct underlying a family offense petition or a CPS investigation can also lead to criminal charges.  Another factor which makes the legal team of Jackson Bergman, LLP, unique is that you are represented by a law firm (in a matrimonial/divorce/child custody/child visitation/child support/family offense petition) where its partners are both former prosecutors from the Broome County District Attorney’s Office.  When the partners left the Broome County District Attorney’s Office they both held the title of Senior Assistant District Attorneys. 

As former prosecutors and current defense attorneys, you will have legal representation that has dealt with cases ranging from traffic tickets, to child abuse, to domestic violence, to homicide/murder.