Going through a divorce is an extremely difficult time in anyone’s life.  It is taxing on your personal time, mental/emotional well being, and your finances.  Battles over child custody, visitation, and support only increase the difficulty.  At Jackson Bergman, LLP, a lawyer will explain the law and legal process so that you have a full understanding of it and, hopefully, to alleviate some of your anxiety and put your mind at ease.  We then offer you guidance and educated projections so that you can better prepare for your future.  Our goal is to put our clients in the best possible position before, during, and after divorce proceedings.

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One of the first questions to be answered through any divorce proceeding pertains to grounds, i.e., the basis for the divorce.  Recently, the New York State legislative branch added to the Domestic Relations Law a new basis for divorce - irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for a period of time of more than six months prior to the institution of the divorce action.  Many people refer to this as a “No-Fault” divorce. 

After addressing the grounds and jurisdiction for the divorce, the next matters to be addressed are equitable distribution (marital assets and marital debt), spousal support, child custody, child visitation, and child support.


The process of equitable distribution can be particularly complicated.  It involves parsing out separate property from marital property.  It can involve valuing certain assets as of the date you were married and on the date the divorce action was commenced.  Equitable distribution involves, among other things, analyzing the value of real property, investments, bank accounts, debt, wasteful dissipation of assets.  You need a lawyer that can properly analyze martial assets/debt, who can aggressively advocate for your financial interests, and who offers a contemporary view and outlook for your financial wellbeing and future.  You need the legal team of Jackson Bergman, LLP.