Drug Crimes

 New York drug laws have changed considerable over the past few years, but that doesn't mean that they aren't as serious as they once were. It's still important to get legal counsel if you're facing charges for drugs, especially if you want to possibly change your sentencing. Our drug crime defense attorneys are here to help you if you want to get the best defense for your case. Our attorneys have over 50 years of legal experience combined, which means we have the education and experience to help you with your case. We will protect your rights, provide you with aggressive defense and make sure you have the legal advice that you need.

Drug Charge Defense

The experienced legal team at Jackson Bergman has provided effective representation to all of our clients over the past several years. We have covered a wide variety of cases, including:

  • Ecstasy sales or possession
  • Prescription drug sales or crimes
  • Meth possession, trafficking, distribution or other crimes
  • Marijuana sales, possession or other crimes
  • Cocaine related crimes
  • Heroin related crimes

Our firm has dealt with everything from federal drug cases to simple seizure violations, and we provide serious and strong defense for each and every person. We treat every case with respect and make sure we provide our clients with the legal assistance that they need. We understand that a drug conviction can be crippling for many people, which is why we put a lot of effort into our defense strategy. We want the best possible outcome for you so that you can go on to lead a bright future and put this behind you.

We have many different defense strategies that range from illegal search and seizures to procedures being done incorrectly. We will look at every aspect of your case to make sure have the best defense. Each attorney uses experience to help them, but they also tailor their defense to the client and their situation in particular. This personalized service is important and ensures that you know we are fighting for you.

Contacting Our Team

We are ready to help you whenever you need it, so call our firm at (607) 296-4190 right away. We will provide you with legal advice and give you our straight-forward opinions to make sure you are fully aware of your case and what the outcome might be.