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Murder is a crime that is punishable in every single state. Most prosecutors push for the maximum sentence in these cases, as they want to see justice for the individual who died. If you are facing any type of homicide charge, then it's absolutely essential that you hire a lawyer to represent you. Nobody should go through a murder trial alone, especially since they could end up with the death penalty or charges that are extremely severe.

Although there are a lot of factors that determine what happens for each person facing murder charges, the consequences are all life-changing. To put this in perspective, being convicted of first degree murder or even second degree murder could result in the death penalty, up to 25 years of prison or life in prison without parole.

Types of Homicide Charges

Homicide is a broad term that includes a variety of criminal offenses in Broome County. Some of the most common offenses include:

2nd Degree Manslaughter

This is a situation where a person causes the death of someone else while they were in commission of another crime. This is different from murder because the killing wouldn't have been premeditated or carried out with malice.

1st Degree Manslaughter

When someone unintentionally causes the death of another person, even though they only had the intention of causing physical injury, they can be charged with this. This charge may also be the result of killing a third party when trying to commit the murder of a different person.

2nd Degree Vehicular Manslaughter

This charge is the result of unintentionally killing another person due to breaking traffic laws and/or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

1st Degree Vehicular Manslaughter

This charge is the result of killing someone else while breaking traffic laws and/or driving while on drugs or alcohol. In addition to this, the driver had a suspended or revoked license when the crime occurred.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

This occurs when someone who is being reckless, careless or indifferent causes someone's death. An example of this would be a drunk driver killing someone on the road.

Aggravated Criminally Negligent Homicide

This charge is the result of a peace office or police officer dying while performing their official duties as the result of a person's carelessness, indifference or recklessness.

2nd Degree Murder

If someone premeditated the murder of another person, then they can be charged with this.

1st Degree Murder

This charge occurs when someone kills a person with malicious intent. This charge can be lowered if it can be proved that the killer was emotionally disturbed or that the murder was not premeditated.

Defense Against Murder and Other Serious Charges

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