Separation Agreements

Benjamin K. Bergman, Esq., is the lead matrimonial/divorce/family law attorney at Jackson Bergman, LLP.  His advice to potential new clients is always the same:  “No one knows your personal finances and your child better than you.  Quite frankly, to have two attorneys work it out for you is silly.  And when these matters become extremely contested, only two people win.  The lawyers.” 

At Jackson Bergman, LLP, we feel, when feasible, it is best for spouses to take matters into their own hands and have control over a resolution.  When negotiations break down and the other spouse is being unreasonable, our seasoned courtroom and negotiating experience comes into place.  Until that time there are ways to resolve matters relating to the divorce, such as equitable distribution, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, and child support, without ever having to step into a courthouse. 

The best way to do that is through aggressive, intelligent, and savvy negotiation by your attorney with the goal of agreeing to an opting-out agreement/settlement agreement/separation agreement, i.e., a contract setting forth your respective rights and obligations stemming from the marriage.