Weapons Charges

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If you live in New York, then understanding more about weapons charges is essential.  There are actually a wide variety of weapon charges that individuals can face in Upstate New York, and many people don't even realize what these include.

Even things like: not having the proper license to carry a firearm, having an unlicensed gun outside of your home/office or having a loaded gun could result in a felony charge and time spent in jail. Binghamton is extremely tough on gun crimes and will try and press for the maximum punishment possible. This is why it's essential to hire an experienced and aggressive lawyer to represent you if you're in this type of situation.

Felony Charges

It's important to realize that felony charges in New York are more common than you may think. You could end up being charged a felony for even just possessing something like an assault rifle, automatic weapon or military-style gun. It's also possible that you would face felony charges for possessing a pistol magazine that had more than ten rounds inside of it.

Prohibited Firearm Use

The crimes below are class D felonies, but only if they were used to put person(s) in danger or in the commission of a crime. Otherwise, they will be classified as Class E, which means that no person(s) were endangered.

  • Firing a weapon intentionally while at a train or railway.
  • Firing a weapon intentionally at a stationary, moving or in-flight aircraft.
  • Firing a weapon intentionally at a stationary or moving locomotive, a car, a bus or a vehicle on the public highway, railway or railroad.

Class A misdemeanors include:

  • Firing a weapon intentionally while in Broome County.
  • Firing a weapon intentionally while in a public area.
  • Firing a weapon intentionally where it could endanger another person.
  • Firing a weapon intentionally within a quarter mile of a school building that is occupied.
  • Aiming a weapon intentionally at another person, even without malice. It doesn't matter if this results in injury or not.
  • Hunting in a county that is entirely enclosed in city limits.

Partner with a Weapon Charges Defense Team

Our Binghamton, NY criminal lawyers are experienced, aggressive and dedicated. We want to provide you with the best defense possible and we will make sure that you have everything you need to defend your charges specifically. Remember, if you don't hire professional lawyers then you could end up risking your livelihood as you know it. We can provide you with experienced legal advice, personal attention and assistance with the matters you're dealing with.

New York weapons charges should be treated seriously, whether you're facing a Class E felony or a Class A misdemeanor. We serve clients all throughout Broome County, so contact us to get answers to all of your questions.